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Welcome to my personal website !
Well, actually it's currently under construction. Since it's a graphics oriented website, i've decided to open it up early to let you follow it's building process.
It will contain source material, photoshop tutorials and more for everyone who's into graphics and design. I'll also be posting some of my personal artwork.

About Photoshop tutorials
I want my Photoshop section to be user-driven which means I'm counting on you to ask for specific tutorials. You already have an idea in mind ? Submit-it and I'll get to work on it.

Latest news :

June 30, 2001
Well this time it's decided, my website is to become an online portfolio in wich I will be putting up my personnal and professionnal works. No more tutorials to come as I'm building up a big community site concerning the professional aspects of the graphics industry (print and web). It will be in french and should soon open up here -> http://www.netgraphiste.com

Febuary 17, 2001
Finaly I got around to finishing my first winamp skin :o)
Download it here. (104 kb) or go to downloads page.
Still lots of website work going on, so I won't be updating for a little while (2-4 weeks). Hope to see you then :o)
Speaking of the next update, please tell me what you'd like to see next.
Click on the link(s) below to send me an email with your choice(s) :
more tuts | more backgrounds | more skins | a forum |
polls to influence me :o) | I was kinda of thinkin' of sumpthing else...

January 30, 2001
Sorry for not updating lately (again). I've been real busy building up a new website for the company in wich I work. This includes graphic design, coding and setting up a local server to hold our client files. check out a pic in the projects section.
2 more website projects are on the drawing board, chock full of neat-o graphics and php/MySql coding, news on that should be up in a little while (just don't hold your breath...).
Still planning on entirely revamping this website, but too much to do for now. I think it will finaly be in both french and english. Design will almost surely have nothing to do with what you can see below...

December 26, 2000
I hope everyone had a great xmas !!!
Winamp Erkalanium skin is 90 % complete... soon up for downloading :o)




November 22, 2000
New 3D wallpaper to download :o)

November 21, 2000
I've been churning out backgrounds for a few days as I'm playing with new ideas and techniques. Grab a new one.
To the left : a quick interface I made for a french contest on one of our biggest community sites : www.graphinews.com, check it out !

November 18, 2000
Yet another piece of wallpaper in the Downloads :o)

November 11, 2000
Small update - new associate : 38net check him out and say hi for me :o)

November 3, 2000
Site revamp is on the back burner for a little while. Here's a new piece of wallpaper for you :o)

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