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This is not a portfolio, it's miscellaneous stuff I've worked on for training and fun purposes. Also check out the Downloads to see my desktop wallpaper :o)







My last homepageSnail Productions

My ex-homepage...
Easy-going design but always had to fuss with Netscape's frame alignement problem :(

The site is still up but I haven't updated in a while as I'm not into making games anymore. Check it out
Website dedicated to games made with MMFClick'o'Meter

I use to develop freeware games with a great multimedia authoring software : Multimedia Fusion (www.clickteam.com).
On this website, I would review other people's games.
Check it out
100% Photoshop
Playing with Photoshop - click to enlargePlaying with Photoshop

Making a new metal texture gave me this idea. It's a combination of many simple techniques, screen blending, curve adjustments, gradient blending and lots of trial/error :o) Click to view in popup window
Emerauld wall - click to enlargeEmerauld wall

Playing around with textures and trying to get realistic looking glass were a pretty good excuse for making this image.
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Bright dark sun - click to enlargeBright dark sun

A friend took this picture in Paris and I just worked it out a bit to give it a gloomy disturbing look and feel.
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