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This is where I post different personal and some professional projects. Most of it is graphics related, althought you'll find more here :o)







Sonique Skins - 1 is currently in production

Unamed yet

I've just discovered this awsome audio reader. I highly suggest you download it as it's an excellent Winamp alternative with much nicer skin/interface possibilities.
I'm making my first skin to match my website (well sort of).

Go to sonique's homepage

Winamp Skins - 1 is currently in production

Inspired by my NAD stereo... very slick and simple design. I'm not even done with the main interface as you can see
Websites - 2 in production

This is the website i'm making for the company in which I work. Should be done within 1-2 weeks.
La Pince-a-crotte

French site I'm making for a friend's father.



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