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The following links will take you to sites that I regularly go to for information, inspiration, and to be a simple spectator. They all open in a new window.







Photoshop tutorials and graphic design

Designs by Mark
One of my favorites. Filled with Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator tutorials. Very high quality and an excellent forum

Another great learning place. Excellent design and navigation. Lots of flash and Photoshop stuff

This must be one of the biggest graphics oriented websites.
Formerly Andyart.com, this is yet another big "how-to" site with lots of stuff to do and download !
Very nice site full of great I-face ideas, free I-faces and tutorials. Some of the best graphics on the web (in my humble opinion)
Alex DG
Very nice layout and a bunch of very good tutorials. Some of the best on metal, rust and wire making with Photoshop.
Hex Vector
Very nice nice layout, if the upcoming content matches the site's design then hold on, this will be a major site.

Flash tutorials and movies

Joe cartoon
Site 100% Flash ! Watch some excellent and hilarious flash cartoons !

Camp chaos
Site 100% Flash ! Lots of cartoons and movies

Flash kit
Huge site full of Flash tutorials, movies, sounds, fonts, games...
Assmussen interactive
Great Flash experience.... and good tutorials !

Software, miscellaneous

Superbe music player with different skins AND shapes ! Definitaly a Winamp contender.

The number one audio player used around the world... but watch out for Sonique ! Very easy to use and more skins than you could imagine.


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