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November 1st, 2000
As site redesign is in the workshop, here are 2 new tutorials for Photoshop...
check them out here

October 21, 2000
Still alive... arh arh :o) Finaly the new version of the website will be in french and this is what the iface will most certainly look like (sorry for colors) :

July 15, 2000
LONG TIME.... no update :(
I've been getting a bunch of tutorial requests and I will get around to doing them, just bear with me a bit please. This being my personal site, I can only work on it when I have time to spare and lately I haven't had much. Wish I did but that's how it is.
I put online my friend's website but I'm not done with it yet as I now have to translate it to english. Have a look here.
Erk's is bound to disapear and come back as Meka....or something else.
This is what the new Iface may look like. Please comment !
Erk's new iface, or maybe not.
Some more wallpaper to download and feed to your screen.
Also added a piece of artwork.

June 28, 2000
As I said in the last post, my new work is really taking up a whole lot of time... so updates come more rare. Besides that, I already feel the urge to redesign the site, add/change some sections. I don't know, I feel like doing something else. Wait and see what's next :o)

May 21 , 2000
As always, messing around with Photoshop gives you ideas... new artwork posted :o)

May 20 , 2000
New tutorial added in the Tips & Tricks section... enjoy :o)

May 14 , 2000
Head on to downloads and get the first Action textures pack.
New wallpaper added - made with the Action textures, check it out !

May 13 , 2000
Photoshop section has become Tips & Tricks so I can stash Illustrator and other tutorials. I also added a Photoshop tutorial on someone's request.
I'm working on an "Action Textures" section for the Downloads part of the site. It will contain Photoshop actions to make textures automatically (5 are done so far). Hope to update it this week-end.
I've noticed that the wallpaper section got lots of hits, so I'm supposing you like them. So I'll get straight to work on some new ones. Do you have a theme you'd like me to try to graphically interpret ? Ask here.

May 7 , 2000
Made a new 100% Photoshop image and stapled it in the Artwork section.
Also added a link to a great site boasting excellent tutorials - Alex DG

May 6 , 2000
Another piece of wallpaper came down from my kitchen's wall, check it out :o)

May 5 , 2000 - 2nd update
Just added an Illustrator tutorial, but posted it in the Photoshop section as I'm not sure if I'll be making an Illustrator section... wait and see how the site evolves first.

May 5 , 2000
Opened up the downloads section and inaugurated it with the "Babyblue" wallpaper for your desktop - go to Downloads
Opened up The Archive in which you'll find older newsbits (so this page won't be a mile long !).
I'm still working on setting up the website... so far, no graphical changes (haven't had much feedback either...). I'm just working on the main architecture and adding sections. Working sections include : Current projects, Downloads, Artwork, Photoshop, Links and The Archive. Coming next is the "About" page. Since I live in France, I'm also thinking over doing a french version of the site, maybe with a different interface... Hummm :o)

April 31, 2000
Music to surf by : you may not know this (and why should you ?) but besides playing with pixels, I also do music. Download a song I made with my last band. It's part of a 4 title demo we recorded and never released. Feel free to download, and listen it, but bear in mind it's copyrighted material...
whatever you do, PLAY IT LOUD !!!
(La flamme - 1.44 Mb MP3 file - right click the link to download). Any feedback would be appreciated... :o)

Opened up the current projects section... doesn't contain much as I have to get around to screenshots.
In the Artwork section I put up two of my older websites. Also added two links in the links section (duh...).

April 30, 2000
I put up the Artwork and Links pages althought they are almost empty (well Artwork is anyway). Keep in mind that the site is a works in progress that started yesterday !

Slightly modified the top left graphics to insert a counter, and other details so it all fits in perfectly. Works fine under both Netscape and IE.

Last night I was surfin' the web and found a great flash cartoon site featuring hilarious movies ! I especially enjoyed watching Superfly 1 and 2. Check it out here :

April 29, 2000
Thanks to great Photoshop sites such as Designs by Mark, Phong, gfxartist and a few others for giving me the want to create this site and to try and give my two cent's worth of Photoshop knowledge... :o)
I'm planning on trying to join GfxArtist, but I suppose I'll have to post a few tutorials before doing that ! I'll keep you posted on that.
Today, I made the site's main interface and opened it up. None of the navigation links work as I haven't done the related pages yet. I'm going to work on it all week-end and hope to have most sections runing by monday night (very hard to meet deadline, but I'm gonna try !). So bookmark this page and come back very soon :o)


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