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Here's a simple technic to make rounded corners for use in your webtables or to build/enhance an interface project.








Create a new document then make a new layer.
Using the elliptical markee tool in conjuction with the shift key, make a perfect circle with an even size in pixels (it must be even so you'll get 4 pieces of the same size). Make the circle twice the target size of your corners (for 12x12 pix corners, make a 24x24 circle, duh).

Drag some guides (with snap on) and get the circle's edges and center (the guides will snap to these position when you get near these positions).

  This is a fake table to illustrate the tutorial. A border has been added so you can see how it is built. The sides have been filled with the same color as our corner images.  

This is the same table with no borders. Looks better than a plain square table heh ? Well the corners only weigh around 115 b ! Now that's not a whole lot is it ?


All you have to do now is cut up your images either for importing into your html tables or for manipulating under photoshop (i.e. : interface design).

Once cut up, save each corner with Photoshop's "save for web" feature (File>Save for web...). Gif should be your format choice. the corners to the left are in 8 color gif format for a low 115b each ! (for those who don't know : 1024b = 1kb)

To the left, I've made a sample table so you can see the cut-up images in action.

Ok, I'm sorry I spilled a bit over into a web design issue here, but this is really a simple, efficient way to greatly enhance tables. Round is bwutyful :o)

Please email me to give me your thoughts, ways of improving and to tell me how hard you found it so I can make a difficulty rating on future tutorials.
thanx a bunch :o)
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